Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bill Frist: Continuing to slay his chances to run for President

Bill Frist does another wonderful job of running for president.

The proposal on the Iraq war, from Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, and Senator John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, would require the administration to provide extensive new quarterly reports to Congress on subjects like progress in bringing in other countries to help stabilize Iraq. The other appeals related to Iraq are nonbinding and express the position of the Senate.

Ok.... and how does making the war in Iraq ( politically) more like vietnam serve anyones intrest?

Oh right it doesn't.

And the more the military has to give TPS reports about daily combat operations we will see republican and democratic leaders providing political pressure in the great swamp of DC on the operational command structure.

Now don't get me wrong. You need to have congress periodically reign in the millitary because they are being stupid. This isn't it.

This turns the war into a football game and not into.... well a WAR.

But sadly this is part of the current congressional republican view that being slightly less on a given issue then the Democrats is how to be a political figure.

And Warner and Frist out and out say so

Mr. Frist said an important reason for the Republican proposal was to offer an alternative to the Democratic call for a withdrawal timetable. "The real objective was to get out of this timeline of cutting and running that the Democrats have in their amendment," he said.

Mr. Warner said he decided to take the Democratic proposal and edit it to his satisfaction in an effort to find common ground between the parties on the issue.

We need the republicans to go against this alternative.

We need frist to get cut off at the knees here.

Without congressional pressuring the Iraqi government is talking about 06 as a time they see a phase down of US and coalition forces as possible.

We have seriously strong military efforts bringign stability.

By taking the Democrat Lite stand the Senate leadership is taking a liter version of the mantra"Bush Lied/People Died, War for Oil, We made it worse so we should get out."

Its a failure in leadership and a failure in governance of the first order

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