Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We can trust the UN

When it comes to our Internet... I mean what could possibly go wrong?

Already, rights watchdogs say, both Tunisian and foreign reporters on hand for the summit have been harassed and beaten. Reporters Without Borders says its secretary-general, Robert Menard, has been banned from attending.

Civil groups also accused the government Tuesday of blocking access within Tunisia to a Web site devoted to a citizens' summit held in conjunction with the main U.N. event.

Oh yeah Repressive third world regimes

-THAT- Must be it.

I think the US has a great way to solve this problem. Make ICANN run the internet and make it the pawn of no government.

I think the seizure is in part linked to the fact the US government is willing to keep an ultimate dead man control over ICANN.

And I think If other countries are willing to pony up the amount of money US intrests have put into building the internet backbone then we can talk about sharing.

Saying "we want everything you paid for ... for free" Isn't sharing

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