Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bird... Flu....pain

Ok folks. Time after time the TV and radio pulls out experts which say you can't do this.... but leave it to government to do it anyway.

Bush outlined a strategy that would cost $7.1 billion including:

_$1.2 billion for the government to buy enough doses of the vaccine against the current strain of bird flu to protect 20 million Americans; the administration wants to have sufficient vaccine for front-line emergency personnel and at-risk populations, including military personnel;

_$1 billion to stockpile more anti-viral drugs that lessen the severity of the flu symptoms;

here is t he problem... they have some vaccines and some anti-virals they THINK might work on humans with the current strain of bird flu....

the key word is might followed up by current.

Your going to give drug companies 2 billion dollars for something that might not work when you need it.

give me the 2 billion dollars and I will buy gloves for everyone who handles birds.... problem solved and cheaper.

In asking Congress for money to buy vaccine, Bush said the vaccine "would not be a perfect match to the pandemic flu because the pandemic strain would probably differ somewhat from the avian flu virus it grew from. But a vaccine against the current avian flu virus would likely offer some protection against a pandemic strain and possibly save many lives in the first critical months of an outbreak."


The Flu goes from Bird to human before it becomes a pandemic

Make people who handle birds wear thick gloves.

Make people who produce bird products for human consumption boil and sterilize it

Then we have no problem.

What an utter waste of money.

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