Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The French Have Youths......

We have Halloween Pranks.

You ever look at the "peace" protests and see the folks in black with the black bandanas? Those virginia are anarchists. I have heard rumblings that these anarchists are part of a society of anti-war/anti-globalization anarchists.

Tommy Franks comes to speak at the school.... *IF* UT-D has a chapter of these canuckleheads then their -is- a link. But I'd imagine for the school to do that they'd have to investigate the "peace" movement at school..... and I don't see that happening

So we now see our "Youths"

I knew I would remember who they were and now I dug it up and found it ( god bless Wikipedia)

A black bloc is a group within a group of a left-wing oriented protesters, often dressed in black clothing and/or wearing masks or face-covering articles. There is a mistaken belief, especially among the mainstream news media, that the "Black Bloc" is an international organization of some kind, when in fact it is nothing more than a tactic used by some protesters. There may be several black blocs within a particular protest, with different aims and tactics. Black blocs tend to be Leftist, usually anarchist-aligned, and may also include situationists, communists and other radical Far Left groups. What defines a black bloc is not ideology but action in what is percieved as being self-defense and the defense of the larger group of protesters. They are named for the typically black garb they wear for uniformity (black being the colour of the anarchist flag). Many also wear masks and scarves over their faces, to avoid identification, to protect their faces against tear gas and pepper spray, and for symbolic purposes.

Here is a good image of some Black Blockers ( Thanks to wikipedia again)

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