Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Genius of the French legal system in action

As Forrest Gump would say "Stupid is as Stupid does"

but this is how Al-Press says it


Eight French police officers have been suspended for their suspected role in the beating of a young man in a Paris suburb, a national police spokeswoman said Thursday.

Two of the police officers were suspected of dealing "unwarranted blows" to the man in La Courneuve, one of the difficult suburbs where unrest has broken out recently, said national police spokeswoman Catherine Casteran.

These guys in some areas are being shot at with lethal force. They are seeing people get stoned, one man beaten to death, and the lives of many people being ruined.

I am sure even if their was a remote reason for this beating these men will rot in a french jail

and thats a shame

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