Thursday, November 10, 2005

I told you so.....

I remember when dark shaddy emails warned of "Partiot Act II" and I told people you'd be more likely to see Patriot Act Lite then Patriot Act II. The Patriot act is a largely useless beast that the feds had been trying to pass for years.

Hopefully the litening of the Patriot act will make it work

A budding House-Senate deal on the expiring USA Patriot Act includes new limits on federal law enforcement powers and rejects the Bush administration's request to grant the FBI authority to get administrative subpoenas for wiretaps and other covert devices without a judge's approval.

Even with the changes, however, every part of the law set to expire Dec. 31 would be reauthorized and most of those provisions would become permanent.

Under the agreement, for the first time since the act became law, judges would get the authority to reject national security letters giving the government secret access to people's phone and e-mail records, financial data and favorite Internet sites.

Judicial review to see that taxpayer resources aren't abused or wasted

a shocking reform

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