Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Run its the President"

Ok I see this on a whole lot of blogs and on talk radio today so I want to spell something out about this meme


If Bill Clinton couldn't help get a Democrat elected in NYC how George Bush could beat a heir to a popular incumbent or a canidate in a highly corrupt and highly democratic state is beyond me.

And lets face facts to; Kilgore ran a horrendously bad campaign. Postive themes are what the American people -want- and the Warner-Kaine line passed out a positive vision for Virginia. Kaine won because Kilgore ran more like Democrats have nationally on nothing but fearmongering.

Is Bush pretty unpopular... yeah he is. And why is that
-He hasn't forcefully advocated for the War in Iraq-

If Bush went to the American people and sold the Mission for what it is "Doing for Iraq and Afghanistan what we did for Germany, Japan, and South Korea" I think his poll numbers would Improve. If the proxies for the administration really layed out how things actually are on the ground we'd be doing better. The President isn't forcefully advocating for this? Why... I think the White House doesn't have the vision to sell the humane service we are doing in Iraq.

-Massive C-fing of major government projects-

Alan Freaking Alda defended it much better... and He doesn't even believe in it. We simply have an administration that doesn't have the vision to fight for a smaller government.

I think the Bush team was focused on getting elected, then getting re-elected.

I think Bush needs people who focus on keeping the torch going. Bush picked up the torch from Reagan but it is painfully clear the president doesn't understand the signifigance of handing the torch on to some one else.

And without a torch carrier the vision is faltering and thus the support of the president is lagging.

Bush needs to realize he will be a failure as a President if his agenda dies in 08.

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