Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Poor Canada

Canada had a sub that caught fire as it was heading over from the UK... well apperently something is combustible in the Canadian sub fleet.

This week, the navy waited more than 24 hours to notify the public of the blaze aboard HMCS Windsor, and could not be reached to comment on questions such as where Windsor was when the crisis occurred, or how it has affected ship operations.

The Chicoutimi crisis focused public attention on a controversial submarine program that has drawn fierce criticism since the start. Canada bought four used diesel submarines from Britain for $891 million. It took years to refit the submarines, and millions more than military officials had expected.

The submarines, which had been mothballed by the British, repeatedly broke down, and some sailors said they were afraid to sail them.

Here is a word to the wise.... you guys are Canada.... a G-8 nation. Maybe, just maybe second hand submarines aren't the way to go.

Maybe a new sub would have been cheaper

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