Thursday, November 10, 2005

They came for the pigs

And I did nothing because I was not a pig....

and now they come for Married Couples (Thanks GayOrbit)

Register office avoids offending gay couples

Paintings of traditional wedding scenes have been removed from a register office in case they offend gay couples, it has emerged.

Gay 'weddings' will be introduced later this year

The pictures at Liverpool Register Office are being replaced with landscapes ahead of the introduction of "gay weddings" later this year.

I like many make the dhimmitude comments on the pigs.

But their is something larger here in mind.

I think we do our children a diservice in teaching them that a demand to remove anything offensive is appropriate. In the past we had social mores that governed this but when we entrust the governance of our social mores to the government we enter slowly into a totalitarian society.

It also teaches children that thoughts and feelings they may have are bad.... and if we look at the homosexual abuse in the catholic church ( its not pedophilia kids) we see a possible impact. When you are taught that your feelings are wrong and you must repress them they will eventually come out. And probably come out in an inapropriate manner.

Lets stop the PC people

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